As mentioned in our last post, we’re going to be wrapping up the demon arc this week. The coven has learned of the location of a final spell that will be used to vanquish the demons once and for all. However, the spell alone won’t be strong enough to be rid of them. Blood will be taken from every Original and every Alpha in town to increase the spell’s strength, along with the blood of some of the witches. That in itself will be powerful enough to end the demons existence, as the witches will perform the spell where this whole mess first started — the Nexus. With the destruction of the Nexus, the demons who are incarcerated within will perish, as will the few who escaped. With that comes the removal of the boundary around Mystic Falls, thus freeing all supernatural beings who were once stuck behind it. For this final section of the plot, we’re going to be paying a bit more attention to the witches. It’ll be up to them to convince the Originals and the Alphas to willingly give over a vial of their blood for this. The conversations will be paired up as follows:

  • Ellie Cooper and Peter Hale
  • Peyton Mitchell and Derek Hale
  • Alex Summers and Klaus Mikaelson
  • Annie Jacobs and Hadley Ainsworth
  • Brandon Harris and Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Bonnie Bennett and Kol Mikaelson
  • Ellie Cooper and Lucas Price
  • Sam Williams and Elijah Mikaelson

These conversations should be wrapped up by Friday night so that Saturday and Sunday can be used to enact the spell. 

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Hey lovebugs. Over the past couple of days, the two of us have taken a lot of time and given a lot of thought to a decision that we have been dreading. However, despite the difficulty of it, we’ve finally come to the conclusion that it is time to close the doors on Nox Aeterna.

This group, this family, has become a safe haven to us over the past fourteen months. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve made a lot of lasting friendships, and suffered through our hardships together both in character and out, and that is something that we will never forget. But unfortunately, despite how much of a cliche the saying may be, all good things must come to an end.

Each and every one of the members that we’ve had in our group over the past year and two months have been amazing. Whether you joined at the beginning, in the middle, or just recently, whether you’ve stuck with us over the months or unfortunately had to leave, we owe every ounce of our success to all of you guys. You are all so important to us, and we’ve grown to really care about each of you over the past few months. We’ve enjoyed watching you take these characters and bring them to life, we’ve been amazed by how well they’ve developed over time, and we’re honestly so proud of all of them, of you, and of Nox as a whole.

We know many of you may be wondering why we’re closing, as the group is nowhere near dead. In all honesty, it’s a matter of timing and inspiration. We have been running this group for fourteen months now, and over that span of time we’ve developed a handful of group-wide arcs, plot shuffles, events, writing prompts, etc. But unfortunately, after a while, there are only so many new ideas that we can come up with to keep everyone engaged and interested. We will be finishing out the demon arc, but after that, there’s really no direction to go. Each plot arc has built upon the last, becoming larger in magnitude, and it’s extremely difficult to find a way to top demons. Not only that, there are only so many things that we can put our dear characters through (and we’ve put them through a lot already, as you all know) before it’s logically just too much. And unfortunately, given personal matters for the both of us, even if we did have another idea to work with, we don’t have the time or the inspiration to properly devote to developing it and putting it into action. To put it simply, we feel that the group has run its course, and this is a perfect place to end things. 

Given how long Nox has been running, we’re not going to be unjust and shut down right away. Over the following two weeks, we’re going to remain open but only halfway. Applications will no longer be accepted and activity checks will no longer be posted.That being said, we’re aware of the fact that there is currently an arc that has yet to be finished in regards to the demons, and we plan on finishing it up over the next week. The witches will be finding a way to get rid of the demons soon, and we plan to have that arc finished by this coming Sunday (August 24th). These assignments will be posted later on today. With the end of the demon arc, this leaves another week for everyone to decide what will happen to their characters and tie up any loose ends that may need to be attended to. Details on all of this will be posted on Sunday once the demon arc has officially come to a close. 

We know this is a fair amount to take in, but we’d like to stress the fact that there are still two weeks of full activity remaining in Nox overall. We won’t be leaving before those two weeks are done, and we hope that you’ll all stay as well. We’re giving this announcement more as a courtesy so that everyone can know what’s coming without us merely closing down with no warning. We hope that that courtesy can be returned to us with continued roleplaying. Thank you for your time lovebugs, and overall, thank you for being a part of Nox. Let’s spend these next two weeks ensuring the group goes out with a bang.

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The following roles have 24 hours to improve their activity or send us a message if they’d like to remain in the group:

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Minka Kelly used to be a fc option for Allie Parker, would you consider allowing Minka to be her fc again?

Of course! Just put the request in your application and we’ll happily switch her back to her alternate faceclaim. 

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Will you accept Natalie Dormer instead of Amber Heard for Genevieve Russo??

I’m afraid we already have Natalie Dormer as a faceclaim for another character, little grey. Apart from that, I think we’ve become rather attached to Amber for Genevieve.

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What if you wanted to audition for a character but that said character is connected to your other one? how do you know if it would be difficult to portray them because of this? or would you not recommend it? :)

It honestly depends on how big and important the connection is. I wouldn’t be able to give you a definite response without knowing which characters are involved. It also depends on how comfortable you are with roleplaying with yourself, as that may be necessary if it’s a highly important connection.

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Can I please request a week long semi-hiatus starting now?

Of course Kaylin, bby! We’ll miss you and we’ll see you soon!

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Would you guys want a Matt?


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Jackson Whittemore audition accepted!

Jackson is a character that I’ve long adored, and one that we’ve been missing in this group for quite some time. But thankfully we received this wonderful application for him. It’s clear from the personal views alone that Raiza has a good grasp on the character, and the para sample only served to further that belief. We look forward to seeing what she does with him!

Please send in your account within 24 hours!

Out of Character Info

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