I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope || Self-Para [The End]


The hotel sheets against David’s skin were comforting after having been in a sleeping bag for so long. Maybe it was a good thing his leg had kept him from furniture shopping, but he missed having a bed. He missed seeing something other than a forest and more houses when he looked out his window. Just as the sun peeked over the horizon, David stared at the mountains with a small smile. He wiggled his toes, enjoying the freedom of having his cast off. They’d been in Colorado for about three weeks now. With the peaceful nature of the place and the soft breathing that came from the bed beside his, he wasn’t sure he wanted to leave.

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Chances are when said and done
Who’ll be the lucky ones who make it all the way?
Though you say I could be your answer
Nothing lasts forever no matter how it feels today

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we had to learn how to bend without the world caving in


characters: melanie + too many people to list down
time/setting: mystic falls, post demon arc and through the future
note: some of these may not necessarily coincide with other people’s planned endings so au, i guess.

- - -

Her heart pounds in anticipation of what’s to come. The last time feels like ages ago but the agony that she had to go through is still vivid in her mind. Her hand reaches out to the man beside her, but the chain only lets her extend her arm so far and she falls short. Melanie shuts her eyes, tries to will her fear away and mentally berates herself for being weak. 

Aiden is already halfway through, and she feels pressured until Tyler reminds her this isn’t a race. The first bone she breaks is for her sister. Unimaginable pain shoots through her, and there are sudden flashes of four years ago—of tears and screams, of howls and claws and blood and death. Her whole body trembles.

It’s the same process over and over. Her days seem shorter and her nights are way too long. The worst part is feeling like nothing’s changing. She turns to Aiden, beside her, for strength, and relies on the faint scent that Lucas left behind for motivation. It is Nathan who places her coat over her and carries her home the few times she’s far too exhausted to pick herself back up after hours of transformations, promising her, “You’ll be okay.”

It happens right when she’s beginning to believe it never will. Everything around her is the same, and yet it’s different somehow. She doesn’t feel free, but she doesn’t feel as trapped anymore either. It was a start.

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Coming Home || Self-Para [The End]


For the first time in a long time, the blue sky and puffy white clouds didn’t seem to contradict how Lucas felt. At least, for the most part. For once, the future didn’t look so bleak. He’d managed to get his house and furniture taken care of—despite the short notice—and he’d packed up all his things in a timely manner. There were some parts of Mystic Falls he would miss. After all, he’d spent over a few months there, and met many people during that time. When he first drove in, it wasn’t even something he planned on. Making friendships that would last. Falling in love. They just…happened. Least expected of all was the travel companion sitting beside him. As a man who’d never been in a pack or had very good experience with alphas, he never thought he would ever become one, or have what most would consider the beginnings of a pack. To him, Kasey was a friend, but he wasn’t naïve enough to miss what this might be, either. Strangely enough, he was okay with that.

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Would you consider staying open even if it was just for general roleplays?

Sorry little grey, I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Could you elaborate a little bit?

may you stay, forever young ll Goodbye Mystic Falls


Ben had been standing at the window for hours, watching the townsfolk move on with their lives as if nothing had happened. Hopefully now, it would continue this way; peaceful, quiet. Like it should be. He smiled softly to himself, a little smile at that, as he thought back to his brief few months and the acquaintances he had made, as well as reconnecting with his Amelia. It had been a successful trip, one he would always cherish for for that he ws grateful, as he was grateful for most things he had in life but there was something about this one event he would always remember. He still had Amelia, and new friends.

Hearing the soft entrance of someone behind him he turned to see Julia standing in his doorway, sardonic grin curving her lips as she flopped down onto her bed. It had been a slow friendship to blossom, with her distrust always being the major road block on his journey to get to know her. “Charlotte’s waiting back in Chicago, thought I’d come for one last nostalgic visit before moving on” she replied as he gave a quizzical look.

"Ah." Though he said no more, he turned back to staring, his mind now on the blonde vampire that he had come back to town for. "Have you seen Amelia?"  he asked quietly, not turning back to face the other vampire. "No, no-one knows I’m here" she replied quietly. "Are you telling her your leaving?" she asked, his slight head shake confirming it. "Not yet…I need to"

"Yeah you do" replied Julia, unforgiving as always. "You need to give her the opportunity to join you Ben". The vampire paused, hating her in that moment for her logic, for making sense when all he wanted was for his own thoughts to be the words that were true. That he could easily sneak away and leave Amelia where she was happy. "I know"

Grabbing his duffel bag he through it at Julia, his usual grin back in place. “Meet you at the border?” she asked quietly, “Drive to Chicago, flight leaves in the morning”

Ben grinned before affirming with a nod, “I’ll meet you there” before leaving the room to find Amelia.

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If you end up making another rp please please post the link here, I would definitely audition!

Aw, thank you for that little grey! We’ll definitely be sure to let you all know.